Balaji Temples – Some Famous Temples of Balaji In India

India is home to many famous temples and places of worship. Balaji is one of the most worshipped gods of Hindu religion. Some of the popular Balaji Temples that are famous in the world and attract thousands of devotees throughout the year are Balaji temple of Tirupati, Srivari Padalu Balaji temple of Chittoor and Chilkur Balaji temple.

Holiest Balaji Temples In India:

The Balaji temple of Tirupati is located at Andhra Pradesh which is a southern state of India. This temple shows a Dravidian style of architecture and is home to the camphor decorated idol of Lord Venkateshwara. The devotees make offerings to the lord by shaving their head. Subhprabhatam is an early morning prayer which starts at 3 AM and ends after midnight when the lord is laid to rest. On every September there is this celebration of annual Brahmotsav festival, which is a nine day festival.

Srivari Padalu Balaji temple of Chittoor situated at top of Narayangiri hill is also considered to be one of the famous Balaji temples. According to legend, Lord Narayana first set his feet on this sacred place. His foot print is on the display and is worshipped by devotees.

Chilkur Balaji temple of Hyderabad is also one of the holiest Balaji temples in India. This temple is also known as the Visa God temple or Visa Balaji temple. It is mostly visited by those devotees who pray to Balaji for their visas. This temple does not accept any money and does not provide any privileges or green channel for VVIPs. This holy temple was built half a millennium ago during the time of Akkanna and Madanna and is one of the oldest temples in Telangana.

There are many renowned Balaji temples in India which are visited by many followers throughout the year and have been worshipped since a very long time. Each one of these temples has a unique characteristic of its own and is famous throughout the world.

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