Hanuman Bhajans – True means to praise Lord Hanuman

Hanuman Bhanjans are devotional songs or Bhakti Sangeets which are sung by devotees or devotional singers to praise Lord Hanuman. India is the land of legends and Hanuman is one of the most powerful and legendary gods in India. He is worshipped for his strength, dedication, loyalty and his devotion towards Lord Rama.

Hanuman Bhajans:

Hanuman is also known by the names of Kesharinandan, Maruti, Hanumat, Bajrang Bali, Pavanputra, Anjaneya and Arbiter. There are many followers of Hanuman in Hindu religion. Throughout India there are many ancient and modern temples of Lord Hanuman. Many devotees flock to these temples for worshipping Lord Hanuman. In temples and religious gatherings, devotees sing these Hanuman Bhajans in group displaying their true devotion towards Lord Hanuman.

There are many legendary singers and lyricist in India who have devoted their life in singing devotional Hanuman Bhajans in praise of Lord Hanuman. These singers made a remarkable contribution towards Hindu religion by singing previously unheard compositions of various ancient poets and Hanuman devotees. With their melodious voice and beautiful lyrics, Hanuman Bhanjans have become pretty popular among Hanuman devotees in India as well as abroad.

Hanuman Bhajans are very popular in India and to get these bhajans is not a difficult task. These sacred Hanuman Bhajans are available in music shops throughout India. If you go to holy places like Haridwar, Rishikesh, and other religious Hindu sites, you will find huge varieties of devotional Hanuman Bhajans. Many devotional singers have launched their Hanuman bhajans, which are available on cd’s. You can choose from these wide selections of cd’s. Those looking forward to get these Hanuman Bhanjans for free can download these bhajans from internet. There are several websites in internet which provide free download of Hanuman Bhajans. These Hanuman Bhajans are available in huge varieties sung by different singers. You can choose your favorite Hanuman Bhajan from these websites and download them to your computer. Hanuman Bhajan is therefore a true means to praise Lord Hanuman.

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