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Ramcharitmanas epic is a one of the most religious book of Hindu Religion. It is also known as ‘The Bible of North India’. This epic is all about lord Ram and his divine works. Tulsidasji, the author of this great epic, was a big admirer of lord Ram. In this holy book Tulsidas described about the lord Ram from his birthday to till the end of life. Hanuman Chalisa is one of the most famous fractions of Ramcharitmanas.

Importance of Hanuman Chalisa:

God Hanuman

God Hanuman : Photo Credit : ourinfinitelyevolvinguniverse.blogspot.com

A great incident is related behind the origin of Hanuman Chalisa. Tulsidas, in his childhood, was admitted by his companions to climb up the high forty steps in the Ganga waterway. He accepted and covered the steps by chanting some mantras. Finally he got success and got a victory over his fears. He created Hanuman Chalisa devoted to lord Hanuman.

In present, Hanuman Chalisa is chanted to avoid black magic. It is a very useful way to give up over inner horror thoughts. It described the power of lord Hanuman. Devotees believed that lord Hanuman is a form of lord Shiva. Hanuman Chalisa shows the qualities of lord Hanuman like his intelligence, strength, audacity and his great commitment to the Ram.

Lord Hanuman is a one of the main hero of Ramayana epic. He had played a great role to free the Ram’s wife Sita. The all forty verses that called Hanuman Chalisa are also chanted in the some other countries of the world. Such it has a great significant for the devotees.

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