Hanuman Chalisa in Hindi – Shri Hanuman Chalisa in Hindi

bal hanuman

bal hanuman

Hanuman Chalisa is a group of forty verses. It is a way to pray the lord Hanuman. These forty verses are written by a great poet who named Tulsidas. All forty verses are written in Awadhi language. In India mostly people worshipped lord Hanuman by chanting these forty verses. It helps us to overcome to our problems. It also helps us to defeat the evil spirit and black magic. It is believed that lord Hanuman is a form of lord Shiva.

Hanuman Chalisa as a Divine Practice:

Hanuman Chalisa is chanted every day in Hanuman temples. In India, people believed that Tuesday is a day of lord Hanuman. Devotees supposed that they can get everything by chanting Hanuman Chalisa on this day. There are a lot of temples of lord Hanuman in India than any other Hindu god. Reading Hanuman Chalisa is a most common way to do divine practice. Hanuman Chalisa is translated in many languages not only in India but also in all over the World. In India, mostly Hanuman Chalisa is chant in Hindi language. Some verses of Hanuman Chalisa are given below in Hindi language.

Laaye Sanjivan Lakhan Jiyaaye, Sree Raghuveer Harashi Ur Laaye.

Raghupati Keenhi Bahut Badai, Tum Mum Priya Bharat Hi Sam Bhai.

Sahas Badan Tumhro Jas Gaawen, Us Kahi Shreepati Kanth Lagawe.

It means to save Laxmana, lord Hanuman carried ‘Sanjivani Buti’. Laxman got life by Sanjivani medicine. To see this LordRam was very happy. He said to Hanuman that he is my brother like Bharat and the entire world will admire your name, brilliance and courageous. At last lord Ram gave a hug to Hanuman.

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