Hanuman Chalisa Meaning

Hanuman Chalisa is one of the most popular Hindu devotional songs with 40 verses. The 40 verses of Hanuman Chalisa glorify the life of Lord Hanuman

hanuman chalisa lyrics

hanuman chalisa

and his good deeds. The meaning of Hanuman Chalisa is vast but in a gist can be summarized.

The song starts with cleansing of one’s soul to narrate the god’s praises and glories of the son of Lord Pavan and Anjani Hanuman. Hanuman is the epitome of strength, wisdom, kindness, virtue and knowledge. The ignorant chanter of his song urges Hanuman to bestow his kindness and blessings on him.

The victorious god is the divine messenger of Lord Rama and well known in all the three worlds of akaash (sky), prithvi (earth) and pataal (under world). This brave and valiant god had a body which is agile as a lightening. He can dispel all darkness of ignorance and evil thoughts and spirits.

Hanuman has a pleasing strong physique which is enhanced by his long curly hair and kundals (earrings). Hanuman is a god who is adorned by all the other gods and the whole universe bows to salute this magnificent hero. The perfect devotee of Shri Rama is ever keen to hear his master’s praises and is ever ready to run errands for him.

Shri Hanuman can diminish himself or project himself to an awe-inspiring form when the need arises. He helped Ram to unite with Sita. He even saved Lakshman’s life by bringing the life-saving herb- Sanjeevani which no other could avail. Shri Ram declared his affection for Hanuman openly and compared his affection to that of his brother- Bharat. Shri Ram also blessed him by announcing that Hanuman would be worshipped by all humans forever. He would be worshipped by all saints, gods and goddesses till eternity.

All those who pay heed to the golden words of Hanuman, benefit like the Vibhishan, who was crowned the king of Lanka. With his blessings one can lead a life of happiness, overcoming all tribulations and qualms.

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