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Hanuman is one of the most worshipped and popular deity in Hindu religion. Today Hanuman has become a popular icon in many animated movies, comics and computer games. He is pretty famous among children and is also one of their famous heroes, who display strength, humor and justice in order to restore peace in human world. There are many Hanuman Games available in the internet as well as in the market. These games have earned quiet a large fan following, which includes not only the children but grown ups also.

Hanuman Game:

He is known for his strength, devotion and loyalty. People have worshipped him since thousands of years and there are several ancient as well as modern temples of Hanuman spread throughout different states of India. Hanuman is an avatar of Lord Shiva and was born to Anjani Devi and Wind God, who were his mother and father. He is known by several other names such as Bajarang Bali, Pavanasuta, Marutsuta, Pavankumar and Mahavira.

Hanuman Games portray Hanuman in different avatars with many features and different types of powers. The best thing about Hanuman Games is that they are freely available in internet. You don’t have to pay any charges to play these games and there is huge selection to choose from. Some of the Hanuman Games show him as a cute little Hanuman who various funny and amazing powers. In some of these Hanuman Games you will have to dress hanuman with a selection of different types of dresses or you can even add different types of hair style, head gear, eye wear and weapons.

There are several websites which are providing free Hanuman Games which are easy to play and come in the category of flash games. Many other exclusive Hanuman Game have been developed which have excellent graphics and amazing features. Hanuman Game have taken India by storm and are considered to be one of the most famous and popular games in India.

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