Hanuman Jayanti – Hanuman Jayanti 2013 Date

Hanuman Jayanti 2013 Date:

Hanuman Jayanti is the auspicious day for the celebration of the birth of Hanuman. Hanuman is a Hindu god who is widely worshipped throughout India, especially North India. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on 15th day of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra. Hanuman is the passionate follower of god Rama and is worshipped for his devotion, loyalty and dedication towards Lord Rama. Hanuman is the symbol of power. It is believed that Hanuman can assume any shape and form at his will. He can fly in air, move mountains and seize the clouds.

In state of Maharashtra Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on month of Chaitra on full moon day. In states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated during 15 Dec to 14 Jan in the month of Margazhi. In Orissa Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated according to Oriya calendar on the first day of Baisakha month. In Andhra Pradesh Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated in the month of Vaishaka on the tenth day of bahula paksham.

On this sacred day, devotees go to the temples and recite Hanuman Mantra and Hanuman Chalisa. Hanuman Bhajans are played in the temples for all the devotees. Hanuman was born to Anjani Devi and Wind-God his father. He is an avatar of god Shiva and is also known by the names of Bajrangabali, Marutsuta, Mahavira, Pavanasuta and Pavankumar. There no temple of Rama where you will not find the idol of his loyal devotee Hanuman.  Hanuman was a true karma yogi and a selfless worker.

He was a Brahmachari and served Rama with full devotion and pure love. He dedicated his life towards serving Rama. He proved his devotion towards Rama by restoring Lakshmana to life again, burning the city of Lanka and helping Rama fight the war with Ravana. In the holyday of Hanuman Jayanti 2012, those who will fast, spend whole day reciting Ram-Nam, worship Lord Hanuman will sure be blessed by the god with success.

Hanuman Jayanti  Festival In Year 2013 : April 25

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