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Hanuman Movie Review:

You might have all seen animated movies from Hollywood but when it comes to Bollywood there is hardly any animated movie one can name. The animation industry in India is in a very early stage of development. But for the first time in the history of Bollywood an animated movie named Hanuman was commercially released on a big scale in 2005. This animated Hanuman movie was widely accepted by the audience.

This first out and out animated movie was produced by Percept Picture Company and Sahara One in collaboration with Silvertoons. The story was great and the animation was really excellent with eye-popping visuals. Most of the kids loved the baby Hanuman in this movie who made to look really cute.

The story in this wonderful Hanuman movie revolves around the remarkable journey of Hanuman from his days of childhood to his final triumph in Lord Shri Ram’s army. In this movie Hanuman is depicted as a naughty but miraculous child. Being naughty and mischievous by nature he eats the rising sun thinking of it as a fruit and pesters the saints with the use of his supreme powers. Blessed with divine powers and might, he grows up to fulfil his duty of devotion to Lord Rama. As a part of divine plan he meets Shri Rama and Lakshman in the forest who were searching for Sita. He plays an important part by helping Shri Rama to emerge victorious against Ravan and rescuing Sita. The dialogues were good in this movie and the background music was superb.

This epic Hanuman movie has gained a huge fan following and has now become a gateway for the animation industry and Hollywood studios, who now think of India as a potential outsourcing center. Hanuman movie was released in 2005. This movie was successful in capturing the imagination of children and played a major role in setting the trend for animated movies in India.

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