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Lord Hanuman is a famous god of Hindu religion. It is said that in the Kaliyug, there is an only one influential god who protects the World from evils. Lord Hanuman has a form of monkey. His mother name is Anjani that is why he is also known as Anjanilala. He is an immense devotee of lord Rama. Lord Rama is a famous hero of Ramayana epic that was written by Valmiki.

Some Famous Event of Ramayana :

In the mythological story, it is said that lord Rama is a form of lord Vishnu. To protect the world from the cruelty of king Ravana, he had appeared in the form of lord Ram in the Ayodhya kingdom. Lord Ram’s mother kaikai had planned to send the Ram in the forest so that his son became the king of Ayodhya which named Bharat. She said to Ram to go in the forest. Lord Ram had accepted her proposal heartily.

Lord Ram gave up the Ayodhya kingdom and went in the forest for fourteen year with his loving brother Laxmana and his wife Sita. When lord Ram was going in the forest, it was such an unhappiest moment for people of Ayodhya. They all were crying and requesting ram not to go but that all were ruin. In the forest a dramatically event had happened. Lord Ram’s wife Sita had kidnapped by lankapati Ravana.

Incidentally lord Ram had met to Hanuman. By the help of Hanuman lord Ram got the address of Sita. Finally lord Ram attacked on the Lanka and killed the Ravana. It was such a glorious victory of goodness over the evil.

God hanuman wallpaper

God Hanuman wallpaper : Image Credit – www.kamalkapoor.com


Lord Hanuman wallpaper : Image Credit – www.kamalkapoor.com

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