Sarangpur Hanuman Temple – Miracles of Sarangpur Hanuman Temple

Lord Hanuman is widely worshipped by Hindus in India and you can find his temples all over the country. The famous Sarangpur Hanuman Temple, which was built 350 years ago is one of the most popular and important temples of Lord Hanuman in India. It is managed by Swaminarayan Sampraday and located in Central Gujarat at Sarangpur, which is near Dhandhuka. It has Hanuman as a central deity, which is a unique feature of this temple. This temple is world famous and is known to rid people of ghosts and evil spirits.

Miracles of Sarangpur Hanuman Temple:

Gopalanand Swami is known to have installed the image of Hanuman. The history of this temple states that the image of Hanuman came into life and moved when Gopalanand Swami touched this image with a rod. This has attracted many devotees from different parts of the country as well as different parts of the world. The statue of Hanuman in this temple shows him with a handlebar moustache and baring his teeth. He stands on a female demon, crushing her with his foot along with his monkey attendants who are shown bearing fruit in their hands.

This temple is considered to be one of the holiest and sacred Hanuman temples in India. On every Saturday a special ritual takes place in this sacred Sarangpur Hanuman Temple, which is meant for healing those people who are suffering from mental disorders and illnesses. These people are touched by the divine rod of Sadguru Gopalanand Swami and many have claimed a miraculous full recovery after this ritual.

Those who are willing to visit this holy Sarangpur Hanuman Temple should visit during winter because months of summer are extremely hot in this region. There are numerous hotels in Ahmedabad where you can find accommodation. There is also a dharamshala near this temple.

Miraculous Sarangpur Hanuman Temple is visited by many followers and believers from different parts of the country. It is known to have extraordinary powers in healing those, who are suffering from mental disorders and illnesses.

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