Shri Ram Hanuman Wallpaper – Shri Ram Sita Laxman Hanuman Wallpaper

Lord Ram was the main hero of the famous epic Ramayana. He has great impact on Hindu religion and culture in all over the India. Lord Rama is worshiped not only in India but also he has huge influence in the countries of Indochina, Malysia and Indonesia. Ramyana epic had written in Sanskrit language by the great poet which named Valmiki.

The Story of Shri Ram and Hanuman :

It is said that king Dasharath’s wife named Kaikai had ordered ram to go in the forest for fourteen year. Lord Rama was obedient with his parents so he left the kingdom for his middle brother named Bharat had gone in the forest with his wife Sita and brother Laxman. During the migration, a historical incident had happened in the forest.

King Ravana which had ruled over the lanka. He is also known as Lankapati Ravana. King Ravana had kidnapped lord ram’s wife Sita. Lord Ram was upset and tried to find his wife Sita. During the searching operation lord Rama had met to king Sugreev. In the Sugreev team, there was a powerful monkey which named Hanuman. After meeting to the Lord Rama, Hanuman became a great devotee of Ram.

At last Hanuman went across the sea to find the Ram’s wife Sita. He found the Sita and met her as a messenger of lord Rama. Hanuman came back to the Ram. Hanuman had cleared the entire situation about the Sita. Finally lord Rama went to the Lanka with his soldiers and had killed the Ravana. Lord Ram got his wife and he was greatly thankful to king Sugreev and Hanuman.

Wallpapers of Lord Hanuman and Ram : 


Hanumaan – Photo Credit :

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